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June 09
• Edited (Jun 09, 2023)

Do you have a TON of Chipboard Scraps AFTER making Mini Albums?!?! Well, I FIGURED out what we can DO with them!! Watch Full Talk-Thru Here!

This not only can be a functional stand alone frame but the technique you learn, can be applied to mini album decor!! I'm so Stinkin excited to present this to you! Wishing you all a fantastic weekend 🌈

July 04

Hey Frances I’m thinking of starting this album 😬 but I have a question. You list different weight cardstock in your supply list but how do I know which one to use where? Usually I just use the same weight for everything and it works out fine but I want to make sure I do this one right!

April 29

Finally getting ready to make the window trifold. Watchedpart I. Few questions what weight was your heavy weight black cardstock. Purchase paper from Amazon. White photo mats 65 pound weight. Just curious as to where you purchase your cardstock. Thanks

April 28
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Finally made my first one! It’s for my sister-in-law who came to visit us in Germany. I added one fold out flap.

June 16

I just finish this album I used the Chucky 2 in 1 Album. I used the paper from Simple Stories Let’s Get Crafty. It was super fun and my border I cut it with my cricut.

Thanks for looking.

June 17

OMG I totally forgot I had this on my phone 🤦‍♀️. Just moved it to my home page so I don’t miss the good stuff from Francis!

This is just an idea, and I am sure other people do this, but because I can get easily confused with so many pages, I have started putting my pages in 1 gallon ziploc bags so I can work and not get the pages mixed up.

I can’t seem to figure out how to purchase a class. Every time I want to purchase, I have to ask Frances for help- I feel bad. Trust me I know how to shop online, but this website is not intuitive- in my opinion. Any advice would be appreciated.


April 29

So excited to have received this absolutely stunning paper pack from Frances!! Thank you so much for your vision for creating this for our enjoyment. I’m hoping this is the first of many, many more!!❤️

So excited to have finished this trifold base…. Making a Disney album for sweet 5 year old who fell in love with simple christmas waterfall folio I made her grandma. The shaker window placings are brilliant! Thank you Frances for awesome design!! 💛