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Michelle collum

Texas City, TX, United States

Mar 15 at 09:36 AM

Thank you!! Was so fun!

Mar 14 at 07:42 PM

Thank you! I still have to add stickers but my brain needed pictures first. So fun! Now…. Off to another book! Just have to decide which one🥰

Commented on YBM Community

Mar 14 at 05:54 PM

This is amazing! I forgot to say yes I agree and can’t wait to see more projects.


Mar 14 at 05:36 PM

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My first book! I do coffee dates with friends a lot so wanted to be able to feature those in a book. I’m a great copier but not very creative so wow. What a challenge to work through this! I have a ton to learn about choosing papers and placement of things but I’m very pleased with this. So many cut aparts! I used Echo Park Coffe and friends paper pack from Amazon. Thanks Frances for inspiring me!