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Rayla Bloodworth

Fort Worth, TX, United States


Apr 27 at 12:58 AM

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Thrilled with the end result! If I were to change any piece probably would not add glitter to front shaker window… used very little and it still took over! 🤣

For anyone who has questioned making this style…. It was so much fun and really came together fairly quick. (I am a measure and remeasure kinda girl) Thanks again Frances for base folio design!!! 💛


Apr 15 at 09:24 AM

So excited to have finished this trifold base…. Making a Disney album for sweet 5 year old who fell in love with simple christmas waterfall folio I made her grandma. The shaker window placings are brilliant! Thank you Frances for awesome design!! 💛

Commented on YBM Community

Apr 03 at 05:45 PM

Totally agree with Community Guidelines... Excited to learn new tips and tricks for interactive albums/folios!!