( A ) How does this website work?

My website works similar to Netflix, so I sell Access to my HD Quality Thorough Step by Step instructional Video Tutorials through my website, then they can be streamed instantly after purchase. 

( B ) How do I Join or Purchase a Tutorial?

All it takes to join up, is to choose any tutorial in which you wish to purchase. Click on it, notice the labels, first there is "Trailer & Share " Scroll down more and you'll see the label " Tutorial " Click the first or single video under this label/title. Once you do this, scroll back up and click "Get Access" that is displayed on the large video player, and follow through with the simple payment options. You have choices such as : individual purchases and monthly or yearly subscriptions! What are those? Click " Purchase Options " Tab at the top or click here :

https://yourbookofmemories.usc...Then Bingo, your account is then created automatically!

( C ) Where do my purchases go?

What you purchase here, stays here in the website or app. It is not able to be downloaded onto your personal computer as a file, that would be piracy, stealing, and illegal. If you want more info on the app, click here : https://yourbookofmemories.usc...
NOTE : Purchases cannot be made through app and must be done through a web browser.

( D ) Are their PDF files or pictures?

There is no PDF file or pictures. All my tutorials are instructional videos with the additional downloadable "Cut-list & Supplies" documents.

( E ) What is a Cut-List & Supplies Document?

 A "Cut-list & Supplies" document is a file with a list of all measurements and scoring. Which is accompanied by a list of specific supplies needed to create a specific book along with me. These files are able to be saved to your phone, tablet or computer. To see an example of a Cut list Click here : https://yourbookofmemories.usc...

( F ) Can I purchase just the Cut-list & Supplies Document?

The "Cut-list & Supplies" document(s) come together with purchasing a specific video tutorial. They are not sold separately. 

( G ) How do I access the video(s) or subscription I purchased?

Upon payment of an individual video or a subscription, you will then have access to watch and craft along with me instantly! If you purchased a specific individual tutorial, you will see it in your library, you click it then select the tutorial, and press play, easy! If you purchased a monthly or yearly subscription, you have access to all content, select any, and press play!

( H ) Can I download my purchased tutorials onto my computer?

There is no ability to download/save the video onto your computer...because that would be piracy. So your purchases grant you access to tutorials through my website, right here, for streaming. 

( I ) What's the difference between Individual Purchases and Subscriptions?

Click Here https://yourbookofmemories.usc...for details on purchase options so you understand the difference between “ Individual purchases ” and “ Subscriptions ”

( J ) What type of download can I do?

The type of downloads that can be done would be on the app. Once you have purchased tutorials, download my app and from there you can download your purchased tutorials onto the app itself for offline viewing! For more app details please click here https://yourbookofmemories.usc...

( K ) Why is my Cut-list & Supplies and or Agreement Form not downloading?

For easy viewing, download my free app “ Your Book of Memories ” on iOS App Store or Android Google Play Store! There you will also have the ability to download your individually purchased tutorials ( or paid monthly or yearly tutorials ) straight onto the app itself, where it is stored to view offline. Your cut-lists can also be downloaded from the app, or regular web browser to save as a file on your computer.

There are few things that may be causing trouble when downloading the cut-list(s) 

1. It may be your iPad or tablet that does not have an office word program to support the cut-list document. 

2. If using a Desktop Computer or Laptop, your web browser may have a safety or security feature that my be denying the download. 

3. Not common, but happens, you have not a office or word program installed onto your desktop computer or laptop. 

If you have a mac computer or laptop, Locate a little tv icon in the right most side of your top search bar. If clicked you can turn your pop up blocker off. If that does not work, please email me so I know to then email you the document directly.

( L ) How can I keep track of my purchased tutorials on the app? 

There is a favoriting feature on a regular web browser as well as the YBM App.

Any tutorials in which you have access to, you can add them to your favorites folder for easy access. Just click or tap them, scroll down, click or tap the star icon “add to favorites “  then it will be in your favorites folder! This is also a great feature to keep track of your individual tutorial purchases on the app, since it has no “My Library” option like the regular web browser does.

( M ) How do I purchase a Gift Card for someone?

There are two ways to purchase a gift card for someone. 

The first way is, while on the home page of the website using a desktop browser ( If you do not know how to get to the home page you can navigate there by clicking the top left white colored logo ) You should then see a large “Your Book Of Memories” banner. 

Once there, scroll all the way down to the very bottom of the page, until you see small grey letters read “Buy a gift card” 

From there you follow through with the simple steps. Also I’ll leave the link here as well :)

Buy A Gift Card | 

The second way to purchase a gift card would be using a smart device be it your phone or tablet. You would follow through the site as if you would be purchasing a class, then at the payment page it asks in the top right “By As A Gift” Then you would follow through with the easy steps :)

( N ) How do I redeem my gift card?

There are 3 different ways, you can choose what is most convenient for you. 

The first way that one can redeem their gift card, whether or not one is a student of YBM classes or is using a computer, laptop or phone or ipad, is simply go to the homepage, and select the button “20 PER MONTH” , it will then bring you to a page that has options of monthly and annual subscription plans, scroll passed it and toward the bottom select “Have A Gift Card?“ from there you would enter the redemption code given to you by your gift giver. It can then be used in anyway on the web page after that. So once you are on the payment page, choose pay with gift card. 

The second way would be, using a desktop browser and if you are already a student or already have an account, you would go to your dashboard ( icon located top right hand corner of screen ) Then go to “billing” then “redeem gift card“ At that point you would enter the code your gift giver gave you. Then for your next purchase, on the payment page, choose “pay with gift card“ 

The third way would be if you are not a student or this is your first time taking a class. You must first create an account. This is while on a desktop browser  

The way one would need to do this, would be by clicking any tutorial class, then selecting any option be it monthly, annual, or single purchase, and then from there very carefully enter an active email, name and password, then, abandoned the cart. From there, you will receive later on, an email that you have left the cart. For now it can be ignored. Now that you have created an account, you can now follow through with the steps above.

( O ) How do I unsubscribe/cancel my membership?

While logged in, click on Dashboard, Billing , Change Plan, Cancel Membership, then click "ok" to confirm :)

Here is a how to video on how to unsubscribe/cancel membership on a desktop computer or laptop :