|| The Artist ||

Hello, I'm Frances! A scrapbook mini album making artist! I was born and raised in California, in a small old farm town in the Central Valley. I am currently 26 years old, and I have a 8-year-old son, Samson and I'm united with my best friend Shayne! My love for scrapbook making was born after trying out a youtube tutorial to create one and from then on I haven't stopped! During that time I was a nanny for a handful of angels, my two nephews, my niece and son. Which at the time were, a newborn, two 3-year-olds, and one 4 year old! This nanny life lasted three years and every moment I still cherish, but the artist's heart within me shifted one day. I realized through the means of creating these books of memories, I saw beauty in life itself and it had changed my life forever. Since then I continue to share my love and light with the world through teaching this paper craft, to show others that they no matter what, when you put your heart first, you can do anything you wish! So here I am... and here you are, in your moment "NOW"..And what will you do today? To feel happier, to think brighter, to light up your life and to be who you really are? Well, I will continue doing what brings me into my state of happiness and I'll see you there!