Your Book Of Memories

By Frances Long

She's recognized as one of the most easy to follow and memorable teachers in mini album making. With her gentle approach and simple humor, Frances has inspired and entertained thousands of people around the world. Come join in the crafting adventure!

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What students are saying

A real treasure

A real treasure

Roberta Bickford

When I found this site I discovered a real treasure. Frances not only makes amazing albums, but her concise directions and presentation style keeps me engaged. I have made several of her projects and will continue to do so.


Sonya Scheetz

Fantastic, clear and concise tutorials! Very helpful and just a kind and wonderful person! Love her albums and she is so positive that you feel like you can achieve anything! Thank you so much Frances!


Camille Segaud

Frances is amazingly talented and generous. She makes people trust themselves and try these beautiful projects they would have never thought they'd be able to do. I've learned a lot within a few months with her wonderful tutorials. She's funny and positive and we all need this so much...

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